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A Guide to Understanding Stock Options Trading

Options Trading

Wading into the world of stock options trading can appear daunting. However, with proper knowledge, a clear investment strategy and a willingness to stay informed, it can be a profitable adventure. Here are a few steps to help get started.

First, learn the terminology. Defining terms such as premia, expiration date, strike price, calls and puts can help in developing a basic understanding. Next, determine goals and research the stock. Consider why the stock is being purchased and which options have the potential to make a profit.

It's also important to choose an account that is appropriate for your size of investment and that provides the level of support desired. Choose a discount broker if cost savings is a priority, or a full-service broker if hands-on guidance is desirable, for example.

When making trades, review all of the available stocks, taking into account factors such as market factors, past performance, and expected returns. Analyze which option contracts are most attractive and, in the case of straddles and strangles, assess whether either is the right choice.

It is a wise idea to always set a stop-loss order on any trade. This helps insulate against large losses associated with market swings. Review market portfolio regularly and adjust trades accordingly, making sure to allocate resources appropriately and diversifying portfolio to reduce risk.

Lastly, stay informed. Study the markets and analyze data to remain up to date on developments. Educate oneself continuously, learning new strategies and tactics to gain an edge.

Following these steps can assist those who are learning how to trade stock options. Keeping a cool head, having the right account, monitoring the markets and staying abreast of developments are just a few of the steps one can take to be a successful trader.

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