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Monthly Membership
  • Premium

    Every month
    • Access Trading Algorithm
    • Multi-Strategy Trading
    • Track Institutional Trades
    • Real-Time Market Data
    • Support / Resistance Levels
    • Execute Trades (Multiple Brokers)
    • Bullish-Only or Swing Trading
    • Dynamic Trend Lines
    • One-Click Optimizer
    • Level II & Market Depth
    • Fortune 1000 Alerts
    • Live Market Backtesting
    • Advanced Backtesting
    • Live Human Support (US-Based)
    • Trading Tutorials (Step-by-Step Guide)
    • Open To International Traders
    • - Cancel Anytime -

By selecting "7-Day Risk Free" you are required to have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions along with Personal Disclaimer (links available on footer of all pages).

Software / Licensing Requirements

Our algorithm is currently accessible across multiple platforms.

TradingView Platform

Free TradingView basic plans are available for new customers. Click here to begin your trial.

For Real-Time Trading, Data Subscriptions to NYSE ($2/month), NASDAQ ($2/month) and OTC ($2/month) are recommended. If you're trading Forex or Crypto the additional data subscriptions are not required. To begin with real-time data, customers will require a Pro license ($14.95 / Month). Tradingview offer a 30-day free trial for those not currently subscribed to the platform.

UltraAlgo Platform

No additional licensing is required. Real-Time Data is included with your Subscription, this includes NYSE, NASDAQ  and OTC.  Both simulated trading is available and borker integration. Our brokerage integration partners include TradeStation, Interactive Brokers, TradeOvate and Alpaca.

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