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Algo Trading Platform


We assume that you're using a Desktop / Laptop / Tablet with a screen measurement of 11" at minimum. Some terminology has changed since previous versions, so we’ll stick to this most recent version. 

In this document we’ll do four things:

  1. Access “UltraAlgo” (USE FOR MANUAL TRADING)

  2. Load the Optimizer “UltraAlgo” a useful help to monitor the performance of the strategy

  3. Adding News [Optional]

  4. Integrate to Broker [Optional]



Login to platform using the link below.


Type in a Ticker on the right of the screen.


Click "Optimize" button, then "Go". That's it!

Step 1.
Access Platform

To access the application, go to and select the "Platform" tab from the home page (link). 

If you are already registered and can not access the tab, please make sure that you open a ticket with support. Click here to open a ticket.


To Begin, enter a "Ticker" from the label available to the right of the screen. We currently offer access to over 10,000 securities listed on the NYSE / NASDAQ / OTC. Once the ticker is selected ("clicked") the chart and backtest will update. 

Any modifications to the remaining labels on the form, will require the user to press "
Go" in order for the chart and backtest to update.

Users have the ability to modify a range of values, with their definitions outlined below.

  • Interval: Ability to modify the frequency of trades from 1 Min to 1 Hour ranges.

  • Daysback: Lookback period for calculating performance of the strategy.

  • Candle Type: We offer Heikin Ashi and Normal candles. All signals trigger off Normal Candles.

  • Length: Number of bars until the first average starts to act.

  • Gain: Multiplies the result of our algorithm to create a boundary around closing price.

  • Deviation: Number of standard deviations to trigger the "UltraBull" / "UltraBear" signals.

  • UltraBull: Look-back period for the number of bars on which the standard deviation is calculated to enter 'Buy' condition.

  • UltraBear: Look-back period for the number of bars on which the standard deviation is calculated to enter 'Short' condition.

  • Profit Target: Percentage ("%") of Funds to get profit.

  • Stop Loss: Percentage ("%") of Funds to stop loss.

Trading Inputs

Once the labels are updated and the user selects "Go", the chart will update with the new signals.

The "Yellow" markers indicate Buy / Short signals and the "White" markers indicate Ultra Bull / Ultra Bear signals. The "Golden" candles on the bottom of the chart represent Profit / Loss from the strategy. A loss will be displayed in "Red". Note that the "Profit" is indicated on the Left axis. 

Resistance and support lines are includes in the chart, allowing traders to understand risk associated with the various price points.

Algo Trading

Below are the results of the backtest along with definitions across each value:

  • Profits: Total Profits generated by the strategy relative to the lookback period defined.

  • Trades: Number of trades executed by the strategy relative to lookback period defined.

  • Profitability: Percentage of Winning Trades relative to Losses.

  • Profit Factor: Gross Profits / Gross Loss

  • Rating: Short-term outlook based on the average of the preceding 3 signals. 


Real-Time Data is activated by default. To change the refresh interval, simply modify the field labeled "Interval".

Trading Interval
Step 2.

Our platform was designed for speed. It runs algorithms that also allow users to identify the best performing combination of settings at the click of a button ("Optimize"). Results of Optimization display under the inputs within "3-6" seconds, depending on the lookback period.

Optimize Trading Chart

In the "Settings" tab, Optimization outputs can be tuned either for Profit Factor (percentage of wins) or Profits (realized returns). There are two optimizations available to customers including one based on "Grid" and the other "Genetic".

Fastest of our optimizations and takes around 5-8 seconds to load (depending on internet speed). Performance tuning is based on grid calculations, "Divisions" which are offered with a range of 1-10. The higher the iterations, the more time it will take to calculate the best performing combination of settings. We recommend starting at a value of "4". 


Slower but more advanced of our optimizations and takes around 30 seconds to load (depending on internet speed). 


The results of the Optimizer can be viewed under the "Optimizer Results". This allows user to understand the various combinations of settings along with impact to strategy performance. The best performing setting is automatically applied to the inputs.

Step 3.
Adding News

Match the technical strategy with the latest fundamental data, available across thousands of tickers. Real-time feed with all the latest news and none of the noise on your favorite tickers. All articles include a time-stamp, headline, description and link to the source. 

Stock Market News

To view the news, navigate to "Settings" and update the selection on "Load News" to "Yes". This will trigger the display of an additional tab named "News". It will also allow users to view the feed within the "Charts" tab. 

Realtime News
Stock Market News

Simplify the Buying or Shorting process by following the signals. Validate the pattern and control risk by leveraging our easy-to-follow backtesting. Understand opportunities for consistent returns, then leverage the signals for timely execution. 

Step 4.
Broker Integration

To Integrate with one of your favorite brokers, just click on the "Login / Register" button. This will allow users to authenticate their credentials to access various trading platforms such as: TradeStation, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Alpaca and more.

Step 1. Click on "Login/Register" button to the top right of your screen.

Step 2. Setup via social media account or email address via the window.

Step 3. Select "Add Account" on the top of the window.

Step 4. Select either Live or Simulated account. We recommend Simulated.

Step 5. Click on "Add New Account"

Step 6. Select the Brokerage of choice and then login with your account. 

[!] In accordance with SEC regulation and international security requirements, we do not store any authentication keys. Customers will be required to authenticate in each instance.

Broker Login
Paper Trading

Market Order / Trade Execution
Step 1. Click Trade

Step 2. Enter Ticker (Enter "TSLA") and Select Ticker ("Tesla")

Step 3. Enter Size ("Amount of Shares"), Price reflected is live from your broker

Step 4. Review and Place Order

[!] We always recommend that customers leverage "Stop /Limit Price" when trading to reflect similar performance results as to what's available from the backtest.

Execute Trade
Enter Market Order
Trading Stop Limit

To begin, click on the link below and you will be re-directed to the UltraAlgo platform.

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