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Program Overview

40% Commission Rate
Recurring monthly on every sale.

Average Payout for International Affiliates.

Content Provided
We generate more content daily than anyone for you.


Unmatched Trading Platform 

We are the only provider internationally to host all the features available below. Our product is developed by professional High Frequency Traders with 20+ years in experience. 

▶ Live Market Data
▶ One-Click Optimization
▶ Stock, ETFs, and Forex
▶ Level II & Market Depth Live

▶ Over 10,000 stocks available

Trading Signals
How It Works

Registration takes 1-minute and everyone is approved.

Read Instruction
We include a full introduction, takes under 20-min to learn.

Start Promoting
We give you all the content and even show you how to post content online.

Best Part | Earn Commission
Affiliates can track all their sales directly through the affiliate dashboard. See how you're doing and what commission is due. On average, our affiliates try to promote 100 pieces of content daily across different channels. Our conversion rates are some of the highest in the industry! Get paid every month on new sales, we also include commission on recurring sales



Affiliate Program

Partner through UltraAlgo's Affiliate Program to generate new revenue from our or your content. Join the fastest growing algo trading community internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UltraAlgo?
UltraAlgo is a complete trading platform for anyone interest in buy /selling Stocks, ETFs and Forex.

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?


Do I need to be a UltraAlgo customer to be an affiliate

How do I sign-up to be an affiliate
Click here.

I'm a marketing / sales agency; is this the right program for me
Yes. We  share all the content with our affiliate partners, thousands of pieces daily. No limitations as to how it's marketed to generate sales.

Do I need experience in trading to become an affiliate?
No. Our program includes all training material, and requires only 15-20 minutes to get started.

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