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TD Ameritrade
Algorithmic Trading

The power of algorithmic trading with our leading brokerage partner - TD Ameritrade / TOS. Use genetic algorithms, find most profitable trades.

TOS Trading
TD_Ameritrade Indicator
How It Works

TOS Trading

Simplify the Buying or Shorting process by following the signals. Validate the pattern and control risk by leveraging our easy-to-follow backtesting. Understand opportunities for consistent returns, then leverage the signals for timely execution. 

TOS studies
TD Ameritrade Algo
TD Ameritrade Strategy
TD Ameritrade Backtesting

Stock Optimizer

Our platform was designed for speed and results. The algorithm also allows users to identify the best performing combination of settings at the click of a button in seconds.

Optimization variables can be tuned either for Profit Factor (percentage of wins) or Profits (realized returns). Have access to the same features that are usually reserved for HFT (High Frequency Traders) by leveraging the power of genetic algorithms.

Trade Alerts

Our genetic algorithms scan the market in real-time to identify the best trading opportunities. Trade with accuracy by focusing on alerts with a high "Profit Factor" or "Profitability".

Trade by Industry, with the ability to filter across over 25 sectors. 

TD Ameritrade Alerts
TD Ameritrade Settings
Advanced Settings

To identify the most profitable parameter combination along with balancing speed and accuracy, users are now able to select the optimization metric (Profits or Profit Factor), the type of optimization (Grid or Genetic Algorithm), and the optimizer settings (e.g., maximum number of iterations or running time).

Stock Market News

Compare the technical strategy with the latest fundamental data, available across thousands of tickers. Real-time feed with all the latest news and none of the noise on your favorite tickers. All articles include a time-stamp, headline, description and link to the source. 

TD Ameritrade News
TD Ameritrade Integration
Broker Integration

Execute trades to multiple platforms and track portfolio performance seamlessly. Integrations includes TradeStation, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade and Alpaca. We also offer simulated trading which allows customer to validate strategies prior to execution into live accounts.

Our TD Ameritrade algorithm is now powered by cloud-native architecture for unmatched optimizations.


Login to platform using the link below.


Type in a Ticker on the right of the screen.


Click "Optimize" button, then "Go". That's it!

Software Requirements

None! Real-Time Trading Data (NYSE / NASDAQ / OTC) included with the subscription. 

Installation Videos

Getting Started | Setup

Getting Started | Optimization

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