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UltraAlgo Reviews

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Compare Algorithmic Trading Indicators, Scritps, Strategies Across Providers

Understand how to compare trading indicators, scripts, strategies for algorithmic data. We review UltraAlgo to understand more about Brokerage Integration, Real-Time Data, Algorithmic Trading, Screener and Optimization Functions.

We currently offer a diverse portfolio of tools (platforms, algo indicators, strategies, strategy optimizers, and portfolio allocation) across various platforms (R, TradingView, TradeStation and Optimizer) depending on the individual requirements of the customer. All the tools are designed with retail trading in consideration, but also capable of executing across the most demanding of institutional specifications. 

Back-testing is core to all of our products. Our team is lead by experienced High Frequency Traders who have built complex trade order management and execution systems for Tier 1 Banks along with Hedge Funds. Predictability and consistency can only be achieved when traders have insights into historical trading trends. 

Our lastest platform release leverages the power of genetic algorithms in combination with our robust 15-indicator script to identify patterns quickly with accuracy. Run through thousands of input combinations for a clear indication of which settings delivered optimal profitability rates or profit factor. We include both models of optimization, should a trader be focused on a high return / high risk vs lower returns / lower risk allocation strategy.  

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