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TradeStation Automated Trading is only available to Institutions. TradeStation Algorithmic Trading is available here.


How It Works

Algorithmic Trading

Indicators to simplify the Buying or Shorting process. Delivered alongside our tested strategy to help you avoid many costly mistakes. Cut out the noise, and identify the right time to execute a strategy. Unlike other providers, less than 10% of our script focuses on volume!

Some of the considerations include Institutional Transactions, Relative Volume, VWAP, AO, RSI, Historical Performance, Bollinger Bands, MA Cross among many others. 

Tradestation Automated Trading
TradeStation Optimizer
TradeStation Indicator

Automated Trading

Run thousands of back-tests in minutes. Beat the HFT (High Frequency Traders) at their own game. Run the optimizer to modify the frequency of reference to match the volatility of the stock. This allows traders to apply more aggressive entry and exit points which align to the winning trading strategy. 

Trade with the market makers (institutional investors) with our proprietary algorithm.

Live Visual Strategy Performance 

See the SA (Strategy Automation) performance in real-time based on the parameters applied. Quickly understand whether the configurations applied are profitable or require fine-tuning to match changes in the market.

TradeStation Backtest
TradeStation Performance
Institutional Grade Trading

Execute live automated trading into a Tier-1 exchange across any asset class (Stocks, Forex, Crypto). Execute trades with near zero lag-time, with the ability to modify more than 50 variables and an up-time performance which is unmatched by any other provider.

Software Requirements

Our algorithm currently lives on the TradeStation Platform. In order to begin you'll need to sign-up for TradeStation($ 0 / Month). Click here to register for TradeStation.

Start Automated Trading
TradeStation App

Out script is available exclusively to TradeStation customers and delivers institutional grade automated trading.

Execute Intraday & Interday Trades Automatically

Real-Time Strategy Optimization

Available for Stock, Futures, Crypto and Forex

Apply StopLoss and ProfitTarget Thresholds

Includes Access to Intra-Day Portfolio Optimizer

This feature is only available for TradeStation Customers

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Installation Video

Getting Started | Automated Trading in TradeStation

Getting Started | Executing Automated Trading in TradeStation

Getting Started | Strategy Optimization with Pyramiding in TradeStation

Sample Back-Tests
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