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Algorithmic Trading

Clear trading signals for TradingView, TradeStation, Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade.
Built by Professional Traders &
 Powered by 15 Technical Indicators.

Ultra Algo TradingView
Ultra Algo TradeStation
Trading Algorithm
Ultra Algo Trading
Ultra Algo Platform
Ultra Algo TD Ameritrade
Ultra Algo Interactive Brokers
Trusted by 10,000 traders, uncover the same patterns driving high frequency trading.

Stock Trading Platform

Users are provided a time-saving market proven (tested in live trading) algorithm, delivering buy and short signals based on a combination of 15 unique indicators.

▶ Trade To Multiple Brokers
▶ Real-Time Market Data
▶ One-Click Optimizer (Genetic)

▶ Clear Buy / Short Signals

▶ Institutional Trades Tracked
▶ Level II & Market Depth
▶ Adjustable to Stock Volatility
▶ Selectable Base Technical Indicator
▶ Support / Resistance Levels 

▶ Machine Learning Price Forecast

Market Scanner / Alerts

Actively monitor the stock market for trading ideas to enhance portfolio performance. Leverage real-time data across thousands of securities. 

▶ Thousands of Optimized Charts

▶ Multi-Chart Index Scanner

▶ Portfolio Allocation Tool
▶ Index Risk Balancing 
▶ Trade Alerts
▶ Market News

Truly simple setup.
Get started in minutes

Algorithmic trading can be complicated, we make it easy for retail investors to understand the market. With over 9,000 lines of code, you're in good company. 

The only retail solution that allows customers to leverage genetic algorithms for optimizing trading patterns. This model of computation leverages multiple combinations of operators to identify the best solution in the shortest amount of time. 

Log Into account.
No software download required.


Enter Symbol.
Real-time data on
Thousands of tickers.


One-click optimizer.
Find winning trading patterns instantly.



Optimize Trading with Advanced Algorithms 

Leverage genetic algorithms to identify the best algo settings in seconds! Our platform compares thousands of input combinations for the most profitable returns at the click of a button.

▶ Backtest for Profit Factor or Profits
▶ Multiple Optimizing Algorithms
▶ Works with Stock, Futures, and Forex
▶ See Level II & Market Depth Live

▶ Avgerage Query Under 6 seconds.


Stock Trading Channel

Watch hundreds of videos across your the world's most active tickers based on market capitalization and volume. Coverage includes Stocks, ETFs, Futures & Forex.