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Technical Indicators Simplified.

Clear buy / short signals across international markets. 
Built by Professional HFT &
 Powered by 15 Indicators.

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Uncover the same patterns driving high frequency algorithms.


Users are provided a time-saving market proven algorithm, delivering buy and short signals based on a combination of 15 unique indicators.

▶ Real-Time Data
▶ One-Click Optimizer

▶ Clear Buy / Short Signals

▶ Institutional Movement Tracked
▶ Adjustable To Volatility
▶ Support / Resistance Levels 

Scanner / Alerts

Actively monitor the market for ideas to enhance portfolio performance. Leverage real-time data across thousands of securities. 

▶ Fortune 500 Alerts 

▶ Multi-Chart Index Scanner

▶ Portfolio/Risk Balancing
▶ Live Feed (24/7)
▶ Alerts (Email, SMS, In-App)

▶ News

Truly simple setup.
Get started in minutes

Algorithmic trading can be complicated, we make it easy for retail clients to understand international markets. With over 9,000 lines of code, you're in good company.

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No software download required.


Enter Symbol
Real-Time, Thousands Available


One-Click Optimizer
Find patterns instantly



Our organization is a development partner with major institutions create and deliver best-in-class automation.

▶ Execute Automatically
▶ Real-Time Strategy Optimization
▶ Apply Stop Loss and Profit Targets
▶ Access Portfolio Allocation


Youtube Channel

Watch hundreds of videos across your the world's most active tickers, based on market capitalization and volume. 

Trading Signals

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Wall Street Bets

Access to Algorithm

Ai-Powered Fortune 1000 Screener

Real-Time Data

Live Backtesting

Stock Scanner

Portfolio/Risk Allocation Tool

Tutorials (Step-by-Step Guide)

Open To International Clients

Live Human Support (US-Based)

- No Additional Licensing Required -





I gotta tell you this signal is amazing! I just made 4400$ right now from 9:30am to just a few minutes ago trading FTEK

You guys are freaking quick!!! So glad I joined, gives clarity to some of my moves. Got rid of some of my own indicators too and focus on yours.

Set up today very happy! Made a small trade and let the algo do all the work as a test it paid for itself for the next 5 months 👌💰😎🙏

Stock Trading

Join Our Community 

Looking for your next movement? Check out the UltraAlgo reddit group where our team of analysts and community posts hundreds of ideas daily!

▶ Hundreds of charts posted daily

▶ Delivered 24/7

▶ Buy & Short Ideas

This feature is designed to be used with the UltraAlgo script

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