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Stock Trading Ideas $AAPL / NASDAQ (Apple, Inc)

Algorithmic Trading for Stocks

In the chart we review stock trading ideas for $AAPL / NASDAQ (Apple, Inc.) with the algorithmic trading application from UltraAlgo. Reviewing the 15-min chart, the script delivered a 6.26 profit factor with a profitability of 76.92%. This was executed over 14 trades with a net profit of $1,245. The current price is trading under the 10-day trend and currently is at the relative support line. Based on the current block orders in place, the price is forecast to rebound in the short-term. A relatively high short ratio has historically resulted in storng upside. Yesterday's rate hikes by the US Fed will provide a challenge for discretionary spending in the long-term, and will likely cause more negative price pressure. This FANG component as proven to be relatively resistant to regional economic pressures due to its exposure across global markets.

UltraAlgo delivers clear buy and short signals on any security listed across all major exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, CBOE, TSX, LSE), including forex and crypto. A free trial is available at no risk.

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